Nieuwsbrief Augustus — Hírlevél Augusztus — Newsletter August 2010


According to the Slovakian language law, it is prohibited to use  English or Hungarian  in public.  At present day this law is still in effect.) Therefore we have asked the Slovakian language police to prosecute all documented perpetrators of the Slovakian language law ( 1-Basisschool Kirreweie, 2- the foundation ECHRHCE, 3-Pontes Pieter Zeeman School, 4-Kia Motors, 5-Gemeente Ablasserdam en 6-Zoetermeer) The Slovakian language police already prosecuted a Hungarian language  amateur theatre player group.


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The “vlinderrevolutie ”– named after a  term found in meteorology -the butterfly effect-, shows engaged and motivated world citizens, who try to make the world a better place.   A portrait has been made of Gabor Landman, the treasurer of the foundation, whilst leaving to Slovakia and handing out flyers that list the 10 most basic language rights  that  Hungarians Speaking Slovaks have.  You can watch or download this  program by clicking here. (Dutch Language)

In 1996 the Dutch politicians Frits Bolkestein en Geert Wilders concluded that a lack of respect for the rights of ethnic minorities will impede the integration of Central Europe into the European Union. In 1996 they pointed out that “new member states must comply with the acquis communautaire that has been formulated by the EU in 1993 in Kopenhagen. Ather the ethnic trouble in former Yugoslavia it is of utmost importance to ensure that ethnic stability is present in the region. Europe should be aware not to bring the Trojan horse into the European union.” You can  read more in the following article. Slovakia the Trojan horse in  the European union.

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We want civilization not nationalism.

Romania has national, bilateral, European and International obligations regarding the language rights of its own Hungarian speaking inhabitants, amongst others.  On paper everything looks  good, however the practice unfortunately shows that the rights of the native Hungarians Speaking  are neglected or only symbolically respected. Attila Brassai and Lehel Kovács,  both university teachers and Gábor Landman, treasurer of the foundation,  discussed the possibilities to improve the language rights in Romania. The recording can be watched here (Hungarian Language )