Nieuwsbrief Maart — Hírlevél Március — Newsletter March 2010


The students of the Pontes Pieter Zeeman school went in march for an exchange trip to the Slovakian city of Namestovo. According to the Slovakian language law, speaking of English or even Dutch is illegal during this trip. Nevertheless it is highly unlikable that the Slovakian authorities will prosecute the Dutch students. However it is of course a question, whether the students of the Pontes High school, will still feel comfortable about a law, which is opposite to the principles of human rights and human dignity. We have sent this letter to the school.

The political borders of Europe have been formed as a result of the first and Second World War. In the nineties the language rights of autonomous minorities have been confirmed though bilateral and European treaties. To summarize the two principles of Europe: Borders and languages cannot be changed unilaterally. Romania has a very remarkable interpretation of both principles. By giving Moldavians a Romanian citizenship it breaches the Paris peace treaty. The language rights of Hungarians are not fully respected as well.  Before joining the European Union, Romania showed more respect for these European Treaties. Here you read more.

The republic of Serbia is nowadays a candidate member of the European Union. The case of the five of Temerin clearly shows that Serbian courts make judgments with a very strong ethnical bias. The  judgment of the five of Temerin was not a factual judgment, but was a warning to the Ethnic Hungarian community in Serbia. In Serbia ethnic violence has occurred against Hungarians. Here you read more.

We know that the essence of the communist dictatorships was a lack of freedom.  This was caused by the fact that the freedom was taken away through a full observation by the secret police. Files, which could even fill a bookcase, were made about the most insignificant persons. In Hungary and Romania, there are still secrets acts, in which information can be found, that can be used to blackmail influential persons. László Tökés- member of the European Parliament- made a list public in which the names of the secret agents can be found that spied him. This list can be downloaded here.


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The word promise has certainly a different meaning in Slovakia, which simply ignores the European Charter for regional languages and the European Treaty for Human Rights. Greece has supplied false information to Brussels, just as Hungary has done. In fact Greece has breached the treaty of Maastricht. Here you can read the article MSZP causes Greek tragedy, which is written by Zsolt Szabó  and László Marácz. The purpose of this article is to urge for a rule of law within the European Union.