8-4-2009 The party secretary Jan Slota, of the Slovakian governmental party, the SNS, made the following Public statement. “The gypsy problem can be solved with a small courtyard and a long whip” By consequence for the  Slovakian police   it is  a normal thing to humiliate Slovakias ethnic minorities (the Hungarians and Gypsies).  These disturbing videos were made by Slovakian police agents.

01-11-2008  The Slovakian Police, made an attack on ethnic Hungarian supports. There was no legal reason for this attack. Here you can read more about the background of  Slovakian police brutality on ethnic Hungarians.

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The “vlinderrevolutie ”– named after a  term found in meteorology -the butterfly effect-, shows engaged and motivated world citizens, who try to make the world a better place.   A portrait has been made of Gabor Landman, the treasurer of the foundation, whilst leaving to Slovakia and handing out flyers that list the 10 most basic language rights  that  Hungarians Speaking Slovaks have. This program can be viewed below.   ( In Dutch only )

12-08-2010 Hungarian Language Rights in Transylvania Participants:   Gábor Landman, Attila Brassai  professzor medical university of Marosvásárhely (Romanian: Tirgu Mures), Lehel Kovács   University teatcher Sapientia University magyar Tudományegyetem.   Mr András Levente Máté,  who is member of Romanian parlement, was unfortunately not available. The moderator was mr  Zsolt  Bagoly, in Hungarian only. 

02-08-2011 Respecting European laws is still a very sensible topic in Romania On 26-07-2011 the treasurer of the foundation placed a sticker on the illegal an monolingual plaque of Iorga, which has been placed on the 23th of may next to the statue of king Matthias in Cluj –Napoca, (Hungarian Kolozsvár).  The sticker contains the following text. Where is the Hungarian inscription?  We live here as well. Start to respect European Laws right now. ‘Unfortunately respecting European treaties concerning language rights and civil rights is still a very sensible theme in Romania.  Although Romania ratified the Charta for regional languages in 2008, many language rights deriving from this treaty, such as receiving basic public information in Hungarian as well are still denied.  You can read our press release here. (Dutch language only) section or by pressing this link