Slovakia not Racist Country

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Slovakia not Racist Country

Postby MiroslavZiak » Sun Apr 17, 2011 6:09 pm


I red your website about how my country is racist...Let me tell you something.
If you want fight against legal discrimination in Europe, look at Hungary, where are organized concerts of national socialist bands. And is there legal to wear nazi symbols, and evan brands for clothes are there being disagned withc such symbols. Than, I think you have heard about Hungarian Guard and partys.
Than, music group Karpátia openly sings about taking over Slovakia and about killing Slovaks and Slavs.
Slovakian flags were openly burned on the streets in Budapest.
Day of Honour - Memorial for the german soldier who died in Budapest in 45.

And that racial segragation of Roma people is lie also. That is the way how they want to live.


Miroslav Žiak
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